Aug 09

1st Day of School

Gabbys 1st day of Pre-K is today. She’s pretty excited about. She was telling us on the way over that her favorite food was hot dogs. When we arrived and checked out the menu… You guessed it. Hot dogs for lunch. We’ll have to see how it all went. Ryan McKinney
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  1. April Maas a.ka. Auntie

    Our little girl is growing up soooo fast. Auntie can barely stand how much you are growing Punkie! I love you so very much do not ever forget that. No matter how far Buncle and I are we are always here for you and little brother bear. I am so glad I got to see you off on your first day of Pre-K4. Auntie will always come down to see you off on your first day of school. Always remember my little Punkie Brewster “Who loves you your Auntie always loves you” xoxo

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