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Nov 22

Evan Is 6 – Happy Birthday

   Evan, you are the most awesome God could stuff into one little boy.  I love you with all of my heart.   I see you facing some of the same struggles I did at your age. Sports, fitting in with older kids, and vegetables.   When I see those struggles through the lens of …

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Oct 11

Double Digits 10 Happy Birthday Gabby

Gabby, you are the most amazing daughter a man could dream of.  You dazzle me with your creativity.  You blow me away with your kindness.  You are so smart, I can’t even take it. I love you, Gabbs… With every once of me.  May God bless you all of your days. Love, Daddy

Dec 01

Skymall Stuff Too Funny Not To Share



Hiking With Kids – Latta Plantation

Nov 18

Everything Changes


Fall is in full swing and God has painted the trees with all of the familiar colors of this time of year. Life in Charlotte moves faster than Augusta. The McKinneys have all had some “adjustments” to make and none of them are easy. New jobs, new schools, new daily agendas… new life, really. God …

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Nov 05

Evan Gets A Package From Cali

Nov 05

McKinney Football

Oct 13

Carowinds – Gabby and Kimmy – Happy Birthday

Aug 23

Good-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte


Good-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte 10 Years ago I arrived in Augusta with no wife, no kids, and no home. 10 Years later it is with prayerful reflection and forward vision that I am leaving this great place. Augusta has given me a wife, additional family, two children, many friends, a ground work for my career, …

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Jun 25

Boomerang – Part 1

Jun 24

Jekyll Island – Fathers Day 2012

May 21

My First First Grader


My First First Grader The morning was rushed and everyone was a little on edge because we all wanted to have a great start to Gabby’s Kindergarten school year. Auntie, Kooper, Evan, Amber and me all walked her into her new classroom. Not knowing what to expect, Gabby was a little nervous to say the …

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May 15


Mar 31

Evan Dancing – Discovery Kids Huntersville NC

Mar 30



Jazz This week our family suffered another loss. My brother’s dog passed away and my heart aches for him. I know what it’s like unfortunately. Ever since we lost Chase then Butler I thought it would get better as time wore on. Sometimes I feel like it is better and sometimes not so much. The …

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