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Adventures are little snippets of things the McKinneys do, sometimes funny, sometimes not. Not a whole lot of deep thoughts here!

Nov 22

Evan Is 6 – Happy Birthday

   Evan, you are the most awesome God could stuff into one little boy.  I love you with all of my heart.   I see you facing some of the same struggles I did at your age. Sports, fitting in with older kids, and vegetables.   When I see those struggles through the lens of …

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Dec 01

Skymall Stuff Too Funny Not To Share



Hiking With Kids – Latta Plantation

Nov 18

Everything Changes


Fall is in full swing and God has painted the trees with all of the familiar colors of this time of year. Life in Charlotte moves faster than Augusta. The McKinneys have all had some “adjustments” to make and none of them are easy. New jobs, new schools, new daily agendas… new life, really. God …

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Oct 13

Carowinds – Gabby and Kimmy – Happy Birthday

Aug 23

Good-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte


Good-Bye Augusta… Hello Charlotte 10 Years ago I arrived in Augusta with no wife, no kids, and no home. 10 Years later it is with prayerful reflection and forward vision that I am leaving this great place. Augusta has given me a wife, additional family, two children, many friends, a ground work for my career, …

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Jun 25

Boomerang – Part 1

Mar 31

Evan Dancing – Discovery Kids Huntersville NC

Oct 01

Happy Birthday Mom – Lake Rabun 2011

Family Camping Trip - Lake Rabun 2011 - 01

Happy Birthday Mom – Rabun Beach Campground 2011 (picture gallery at the bottom of the post) Do you remember your first family camping trip? Camping has always been a part of our family. That’s why I couldn’t wait to get my kids out in the woods exploring nature on their first overnight trip. When you …

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Sep 23

Family Movie Night – The Lion King


Family Movie Night – The Lion King Almost 20 years ago Disney released The Lion King and all of its magic. I didn’t realize how it affects you until I watched my kids faces as they reacted to the colorful lights of this epic tale falling off the silver screen. Gabby, of course, is old …

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Sep 21

Columbia County House Watch Program


House Watch Program What is it? Ever heard of Neighborhood Watch? The House Watch Program is like that only on steriods. Living in Columbia County Georgia is great for many reasons. No way to go into all of them here, however there is one HUGE reason and I will name it. The House Watch Program. …

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Jun 27

Dear Kids | The Columbia Zoo


Dear Gabby and Evan, Several weeks ago I decided to live up to my stance against Saturdays spent inside watching TV.  I bought tickets for the Zoo and your mother and I planned a little trip to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.  Just like any other trip we “plan” to go on, I “planned” to …

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May 30

Gabby’s First Round of Golf

Gabby and I went out for her first round of golf. A few weeks ago, I had the afternoon off so I picked Gabby up from school early. It was a “just Gabby and Daddy” day I told her. We went to Bartram Trail and I was going to let her just putt some balls …

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Apr 06

Discovery Kids Place

We had such a great time with our niece and nephew during their spring break. They are such a blessing to us and miss them lots. This was one place called discovery place kids auntie took them to. Very fun place for kids to play and learn. We also took them to the zoo. Have …

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Apr 02

Breakfast at Auntie & Uncles

Uncle makes a mean breakfast. It’s good to be in Charlotte to see the Maas’s. Today will be full of adventures.

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