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Created to document my training for the GORUCK Custom HTL designed for F3 Isotope.

Jan 08

Spearhead 1 | Cadré Bogey

   Things I Learned Today Only have in your ruck what you will need.  Time hacks are made for failure; humans learn from failure  Seal claps are a thing Partner drags are about your partners not just your partner and you Movements are difficult without some standard rules.  Something is twisted in Bogey (in the …

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Dec 26

Week 1 Recap | HTL Training

This weeks training consisted of the following: 5 mile run #F3Bonesaw = 1 3.5 mi run = 1 45 min cinder block = 1 2 mile solo ruck = 1 2 mile ruck = 1 #f3madsci =1 5 mi Fireball ruck = 1 Christmas convergence = 1 Realizing that we will train together more often and get …

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Dec 24

Pea Soup & The 12 Days of Christmas | HTL Training Day 3

   The fog was as thick as pea soup when I left the house this morning.  Two pairs of shoes today. The brand new Rocky C4T boots that the Amazon Fairy dropped off last night and my HOKA One Ones.  Breaking in a new pair of boots is never fun.  Today was no exception.  Now …

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Dec 22

Make Up Quiz | HTL Training Day 2

   Blender was this morning.  I didn’t go. I didn’t get to bed until late and needed the rest.  I finished my year of work yesterday and it’s been a long, tough one.  I smartsacked.  As I lay there falling back to sleep a planned my training for the day.  When I got up, I …

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Dec 21

Bonesaw | HTL Training Day 1

27 of us took off from Amelie’s in NoDa.  I’d never been there.   The team looked ok to start off with.  After a lap or two, there started to be a little “drift” and “reach” was no longer possible.  We have a lot of work to do. We did survive though.  All in all, …

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Dec 21

It Begins | HTL Training Day 0


  Crazy or stupid.  There aren’t other choices. Those are the only two.  I have to be at least one for committing to this challenge.  Probably both.  The HTL is the GORUCK Heavy, Tough, Light.  The training is roughly four and a half months long.  The event is over 48 hours and 70 miles with many …

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