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Jan 11


Today was one of those mornings that you pull the covers back over your head and snuggle into your warm dreams. So why did I choke down two cups of black coffee, suit up complete with gloves,and run until my toes were numb? Because I can. God has, for now, granted me the ability AND …

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Jan 05

3 Reasons to Pass on Fitbit But Glad I Didn’t


When you lose 40 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle, people ask how. They see my Fitbit Flex and they assume this little wristband is magic. Nope. No magic. Wearing this wristband will not make you skinny. It won’t make you run. It cannot drop your waist size by eight inches (or …

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Jan 04

Run Along | Day 2 #run #runthis #runalong


So it’s Day 2 and I’m already tinkering with the name for these posts. Turns out there are a lot of runners out there. 69 million American runners to be precise. By the results of my search on #runthis, they all have blogs too. Even the Greenway near my church, Lake Forest, was soggy today. …

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Jan 03

Run This | Day 1


Running is a passion of mine. (Can’t believe I just typed that) running takes me to some beautiful and strange places. I find time and space to pray, think, and be free. Thought I’d try a string of posts sharing some of these places and thoughts with you. Maybe you even get inspired to run. …

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