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Cooking and Food are a passion for me. The Kitchen is the section of the website is where I write about food, restaurants, recipes, and libations.

Aug 30

Let it Rest

Let it Rest You’ve heard me say it before… “Let it rest”. When you grill a piece of meat (if you are from the west coast… barbecue a piece of meat) you HAVE to let it rest to get the best flavor and texture of the meat. Remember the last time you burned your hand …

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Jul 06

Sirloin Kabobs with Peppers and Mushrooms


Kabobs are an easy way to make a big impression. They do take a little time to prepare, but they are worth it. We usually serve ours over rice.

Jun 29

Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta


This recipe is delicious. Just ask my dad. I served him this on his last visit. This time around I added pasta and a creamier sauce. You can make it difficult or you can use my “Sandra Lee Semi-Home Made” version. McCormick’s Grill Mates makes some great rubs and marinades. Get 2 packets of the …

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Jun 22

Coffee Crusted Steaks


It probably sounds gross. Coffee crusted beef? It did to me the first time it was offered as a special at Stoney River in Roswell GA. It doesn’t taste like coffee at all. It pulls this savoriness out of the meat and really adds some depth. It’s super easy to do and chances are your …

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Jun 06

Sorry, Beef. This is What’s For Dinner – Herb & Oil Glazed Grilled Chicken


Sorry, Beef. This is What’s For Dinner – Herb & Oil Glazed Grilled Chicken A summer time favorite of mine is this herb & oil marinated chicken on the grill with grilled vidalia onions and yellow squash. There is something about a hot afternoon, skipping out on your mowing chores, and grilling some meat and …

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Jun 03

Gabby’s Culinary Creation


Cooking is a passion of mine. It looks like it might be a passion for Gabby too. She came up with this culinary creation while we were hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. She also likes to dip cucumbers in soy sauce. I’m just sayin’. Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuit Provolone Cheese Oscar Mayer …

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May 21

Baja Lime Chicken

I love my new grill.

Apr 02

Breakfast at Auntie & Uncles

Uncle makes a mean breakfast. It’s good to be in Charlotte to see the Maas’s. Today will be full of adventures.

Jan 31

Lemonade… That Cool Refreshing Drink


Lemonade… That Cool Refreshing Drink Some of the best memories you’ll make are of doing very simple things with each other.  Gabby and I decided to make some lemonade this morning with our left-over lemons.  She was the squeezer and I was the cutter.  Pretty darn tasty too! Ingredients: 8 Lemons 2 Limes 1 Cup …

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Jan 30

Eggs, Avocados, and Underdogs | My First Memory of Cooking


Ronald Reagan had just been elected to be our next president, The Muppet Show was on the air, and the Dukes of Hazard were jumping something in their General Lee each week.  The year was 1980.  Mom and I lived in a little rented house near the railroad tracks on Ponderosa Dr in Valdosta GA. …

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Jan 23

Pan Roasted Chicken Pita with French Onion Soup


Pan Roasted Chicken Pita with French Onion Soup Cook Time: 1:15 Degree of Difficulty: 7 Tip: Cook the soup before hand for a quick, half-hour meal. Pan Roasting meats is great technique to lock in flavor and moisture in ordinarily dry meats.  This is the “Wow” factor that makes your food stand out.  You know …

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Aug 21

Hot BOILED Peanuts

Hot Boiled Peanuts Hot Boiled Peanuts are a TREAT here in the South.  Whether YOU like ’em or not, every true Southerner knows the smell of salty filled water boiling over on the stove in late Summer.  The anticipation of what’s to come with these salty little boiled devils is enough to kill you. The …

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