Sep 20

Accounts – Joint Checkbook App


Joint Checkbook Register Woes?

Hate sharing your checkbook because your spouse never writes their transactions in your register? Or does your spouse hound you about writing things in and you just can’t seem to make it easy enough to remember?

Amber hates the checkbook to be off even a penny. You’d think with me being the Banker that it would keep ME up at night, but nope. It’s her that is “Sleepless in Augusta” about it.

We found this app called “Accounts” by SVT Software in the app store. Amber and I use this and it’s very helpful (when I do it). It’s True… I really have no excuse when I don’t send something to her, because it is pretty easy. There is a lite version that you can try first, but it will limit you to a certain number of transactions. The full version is VERY cheap compared to the arguments it will alleviate.

Full Disclosure
I have no connection with the company SVT Software and I receive nothing for this review. I wrote about it because I bought it, I use it, and I think it is useful enough to recommend as of this writing.

Here’s How It Works:
There is some minimal setup, but it’s pretty intuitive. After installing the app, set your account up and your “sharing” in the settings area. You add your spouses email address to the sharing. Then when you make a purchase, you simply key in the amount to your phone (or ipad) and it will send the transaction to your spouse. When they recieve the email, all they do is click a link and confirm. The app updates the register and the running total. That way each of you have the exact balance of your checking account at all times and NO PAPER.

It really does work well. My only excuse for not putting the information in now is that I don’t have my iPad at the check out register. Just for your information, that excuse doesn’t work.

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