Apr 07

All About Me Week

4499320669_2674377ec9All About Me Week is a special week for the kids at Gabby’s school, Martinez United Methodist Preschool. You see they have rug time where a guest comes and reads a book. They get to have a guest at lunch each day. They tell what they want to be when they grow up and who their pets are. They bring and show off family pictures as well as divulge their favorite place to visit. These are the kinds of moments I remember the most from my preschool days. The wonder of having a full week orchestrated around YOU.

What if work was like that for one week a year? Your boss would hold a special meeting where you’d show a power point of your dogs, your favorite place to visit and your wife would come read to everyone during the catered lunch. You’d feel like a star, right?

Well Gabby sure felt like a star. Amber read the story to the kids, and she, April, and myself joined her for lunch (separately). For lunch, I joined her first. The kids SWARMED me. “Gabby’s Daddy, what’s your name”
“Gabby’s daddy, will you open this?”
It was fun, but you could tell this was a normal thing for them. NOT for me though. I felt like an 80’s Rock Star. Like the Axl Rose of preschool. (There’s a “School House Rock joke in there somewhere).

The kids did the same to Amber on the second day and April on Friday. April took Evan which really made the natives restless. On Thursday night Gabby asked if every week could be her “All About Me Week”. You could tell she really had a good time. The kids learn a lot about each other and the seem to be closer because of that.

Hopefully her feelings and memories about this week will last long as mine have.

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  1. Dianne Teets

    I’ve never heard of that kind of “day” for the kids. What a nice idea. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. Ryan McKinney

    I think I had as much fun as Gabby!

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