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  3. WTD Miles 41.783 days until 50KI ran my 10K times run (part of my training) in JAX. Down visiting my dad. Wow! Forgot how humid it is. May not seem like much, but my @garmin 235 says it's a PR. Form was good, arms pumping, cadence counting, and the whole bit. Most miles/week ever and a 10k PR. — 2017/07/23
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  5. 85 days until the 50k8 miles – 5 mile quick & 3 LTWeekly Mileage 34 ish…….#instarun #instarunner #instarunners #ultrarunning #learningtoultra #running #runnerslife — 2017/07/21

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Jul 15

12 Miler (9 easy 2 pace 1 cool down)Targets: Easy pace 9:50/miMara pace 9:05/miOverall Target Nutrition: Honey Bunches of Oats w/Almond milk – 30 mins priorClear waterG? mile 8Recovery drink – Monster Tea Lemonade————————————–The run was felt great today. Much better than the prior two 10 milers. I worked on my cadence a good bit as well as my form. Much easier to do when you run slower and focus. Running with my feet landing under my trunk is hard to learn, but the impact is less. I can tell a notable difference. I did begin to feel the muscles tighten and begin to cramp a little, but nothing major. I was able to fight it off. A little pain in my hips during miles 10 & 11. I recognized I was "clawing" at the ground and breaking my form. A quick adjustment and the pain disappeared until the end. My Camelbak created problems while shirtless and sweaty. A raw spot now lives on my back where it bounced a good bit. My be time to invest in something built for #ultrarunning Kudos to my running mate today Blackberry AKA Kyle Graham. Just showed up and ran 12… no big deal. ———————————————-#ultrarunning #instarun #instarunners #f3lkn #running #runnerslife #run #runnercommunity #learningtoultra

Jul 14

5 for a pre-dawn jaunt for a quick 4 miles prior to our Emmaus 3rdF Bible Study on marriage b/c #f3counts #f3lkn @f3lkn#instarun #instarunner #instarunners #ultrarunning #learningtoultra #running #runnerslife

Jul 13

Home. Now let's run. ?

Jul 13

Whew. Temp: 94Humidity: bath water

Jul 13

I feel like #running Finding somewhere beautiful and running until I can't. #learningtoultra #ultrarunning #instarun #instarunners

Jul 13

–REST DAY–Good Morning, Charlotte. Traveling today for work so I'm taking my mandatory rest day. #instarunners #instarun #ultrarunning #learningtoultra

Jul 12

Run WOD:8 miles "Easy Pace"@ mile 6 begin 6x30sec pickups 45cadence #learningtoultra ——————————–Today's workout was scheduled for tomorrow, but I won't be able to run tomo. We ran "easy" which is a 9:30ish pace for me right now until the pickups. Then bursts of 6:05-6:30/mi pace for 30 secs. – felt good- allowed for good conversation- built in speed work- allowed for time to soak up the beauty around us#learningtoultra #instarun #instarunner #ultrarunning #instarunners

Jul 11

Speed WorkToday's workout:15 min warm-up5x800m @1:53 400 recovery15 min cool-down—-Speed work is hard. Not just because you are sucking wind and feel like things are coming apart, but b/c of the mental training. #youllpassoutbeforeyoudie but it doesn't feel like it. I'm learning from Coach that it's about "time under tension" and not distance or a certain speed or even keeping up w/faster guys. It's about doing what you set out to do. Putting the track work in now will show up in my over all speeds and in my conditioning. #instarun #runnerslife #ultrarunning #learningtoultra #meetthemckinneys

Jul 10

Learning to runDay 1 Week 3 5 miles Quick#learningtoultra #ultrarunning #runnerslife #instarun @f3lkn@asicsrunning

Jul 09

Mandatory #restday & Lessons Learned… Shelfing the shoes for a day is a good practice. Ever since my @goruck HTL training I've trained for events with little rest. I've also stacked up injuries. This time around I'm training smart. I have a plan in hand developed by an experienced runner & friend. I figured rest days would be good reflection days for the week. RUNNING LESSONS LEARNED:1.) running trails REQUIRES trail shoes. I ran in old road shoes, landed on a roof the wrong way, and have dealt with a bruised foot for a few days. 2.) N?n tablets DO NOT ago in my @camelbak – I couldn't stomach the sweet stickiness after about mile 6-7 and I had sweated out my reserves. From now on, water in the bladder and electrolytes in reserve bottles. 3.) Sport beans are NOT to be eaten at once. I know. I'm stupid, but I ate a wad of sport beans and the limped in my gut. These guys are good, but probably better to keep you from being bored with the side effect of energy. That's it for now. Tomorrow I plan on logging 5 miles before our @f3lkn Thunderdome workout. #meetthemckinneys#50k #runnerslife #runnercommunity

Jul 08

SpiderMan with my peeps.

Jul 08

So… you're doing a 50k…@f3lkn

Jul 04


Jun 19

Current Sitch…

Jun 19

Current Sitch…

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