Sep 17

Chip Off The Old Block

20110916-034039.jpgI love this picture! Finally, one of my kids actually looks like me.

Usually, people say (and I know I am blessed) “your kids are beautiful!”
To which my reply is usually, “You should see their mom… it would make more sense.”

But… Finally… One of them looks like me… at least in a picture.

This one acts like me too. He gets mad when I would get mad. He is amazed at the things that used to (and still) amaze me.

The problem is that I hope he doesn’t get the “learn the hard way” gene. I still struggle with that one… everyday.


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  1. April Maas

    Ryan I have to agree with you! I have Always said and thought that the kids looked like Ambs but wow does little monkey look like his daddy in this pic! Such a beautiful picture of you guys. Xoxo

  2. Lisa Sweat

    Beautiful picture. I agree he does look like you.Granny Goldie sure would have loved him.He could have been her little “peanut toes #2.I hate your kids and my grandson missed out on the Bruton Sugar..lol Tell Amber and Gabby I said hello. Love ya’ll.

  3. Auntie Bea

    I totally agree, he does look like you Ryan. Finally, “see Amber its not all about you” (just kidding). What a great picture. Can’t wait to see you all.

  4. Mom Corral

    Mijo Ry,
    I love this pic. Little the II looks just like you. I was telling great grams about that. Don’t forget to make me a print so I can frame it.
    Love ya
    Mom C

  5. Ryan McKinney

    I’ll get you a print for sure. Yep, this one really does!

  6. Ryan McKinney

    Thanks Auntie Bea. Make sure you tell Amber that face-to-face when you get here.

  7. Ryan McKinney

    Granny Goldie would have given up Bruton for this little guy. HaHa. Peanut Toes and all.

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