Sep 20


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  1. Aunt Barb

    The room is beautiful. Can’t wait untill little Ho-Ho gets here. Anddddd by the way Lisa is expecting AGIN. We are hoping for a girl. All these new babies!!!! We grandparents are so excited. We’ll have babies to love on every where we go. Good luck to all, Love Aunt Barbara

  2. Rita Andrews

    I absolutely LOVE his room!!!! I’m so excited for you guys, Congrats!!!!

  3. Angela

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the room! I’m guessing Ryan did the paint job. It looks great! Can’t wait to meet Evan. Sorry we missed the shower!

  4. Grandma

    Little The 2nd’s room is so cute you both did such a great job on it! I love the green. I can’t wait to see him jumping up and down in his crib.
    Love Grandma

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