Dec 22

It’s Not Easy Being Green

With all of the hoopla about conserving energy and reducing waste. I thought it would be a good idea to do a little conserving myself.
What I found out was, over the coarse of a week, I produce alot of trash! Not only that, but I have been throwing away things and buying things that have tons of extra packaging.
Deciding to send a strong message to the marketplace Benjamin Franklin style, I was going to boycott the extra packaging products and spend more time and money on products that have less packaging. I hate to turn my back on my marketing brethren, but the 4th P of the 4 P’s of Marketing is Placement. Otherwise known as Distribution. This is where the marketing guru’s get us. They know for a proven fact, that we like shiny, colorful things. We flock to them. After some time and careful consideration, I decided that instead of trying to plug the dam with my finger, that I’d just hold on like the rest of the world and embrace our self-impending doom.

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