Jun 10

Kooper Loves His Auntie

20110610-064206.jpgKooper loves his Auntie! He’s only a week old, but he knows who butters his bread.

Which Auntie? Leave your guess as a comment.


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  1. Amber McKinney

    uuuummm hello do you even have to ask!!!! me he loves me…hahahahaha

  2. April Maas

    Hahahahahahaha! He loves his Auntie oh yes he does!!

  3. Ryan McKinney

    Rocks like Motley Crüe!

  4. Vickie Perez

    We guess it was Auntie Andria–but we could be wrong–he is very luck baby to have two aunties who love him a lot!!

    Grandpa Mike/Grandma Vic

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