May 04

My Best Friend – I Miss You


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  1. Amber McKinney

    Chase was the best dog anyone could ever ask for! I pray he knows how much we love him and i miss him everyday. Our Wonder Dog is up in heaven chasing freesbies with Jesus!!!!

  2. whitney

    i am so sorry to hear about chase, ryan and ambs….he was such a great dog….they are such special creatures….i know that you miss him dearly….thinking of you!
    love and hugs…whit

  3. April Perez

    Chase was one of the best dogs I have ever known and loved. Your Auntie misses you Chaser Chaser the Wonder Dog!! Play, run, and catch all the frisbees you want now up in heaven with Jesus!

  4. Grandma

    Ry, You know how much I love my WONDER dog. I will miss him so much. I have so many memories of him. He was and still is the smartest dog I know. I will always believe that he was a human trapped in a dogs body. One of my fondest memories was when you use to ask him to your get hat from my upstairs room and he would bring the exact one you asked him to bring. Also when the boys would stay over he would practically sleep on top of me, he loved to hog the bed lol.
    I know he knew Grandma loved him thank you for letting me share his life

  5. Grandma

    I will miss my grandpa . He truly was a Wonder dog. I can never be like him but I am going to try.
    I love & miss you Grandpa Chaser.
    Your Grand Daughter
    Pepper Anne Corral

  6. Vickie Perez-Grandma

    Both Michael and I wish we were there in person to share the pain you are going through regarding Chase. It is going to take some time to heal from this and you will eventually. Just believe he is in doggy heaven looking over you and now he is your guardian angel.. Love U, Vickie

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