Feb 20

Out and About

feb32008Getting stuck in the house on a Saturday or a Sunday Morning absolutely kills me. It makes Gabby particularly cranky too. A week or so ago We decide to take the whole family for a walk. It was nice to see this strange phenomenon called…OUTSIDE!
Grovetown is a very beautiful place with lots to do for an outdoorsy person like myself. We never really get out to take it all in though. This Sunday was different. Even Amber tagged along. From the fresh air to the chance finding of an arrowhead, the Euchee Creek Trail is a great little getaway. Gabby and I even showed Amber where to find “Secret Lake”. Gabby had a blast on our little hike. It was all we could do to keep her from spilling over the rails into the swampy underbrush that runs along side the creek. All in all it was a great time and although it only last an hour in the present, it will be immortal in my memories and thoughts.

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