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Sorry, Beef. This is What’s For Dinner – Herb & Oil Glazed Grilled Chicken


Sorry, Beef. This is What’s For Dinner – Herb & Oil Glazed Grilled Chicken

A summer time favorite of mine is this herb & oil marinated chicken on the grill with grilled vidalia onions and yellow squash. There is something about a hot afternoon, skipping out on your mowing chores, and grilling some meat and veggie while enjoying a frosty beverage. Just enough wind to keep the mosquitos away and the smell of chicken wafting through the air.

Good food doesn’t have to be elaborate. Simple ingredients. Simple Cooking. That is Simply a good time to me. Put too much into the dish or too much time into preparing it and it kinda feels like work.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this dish. I made this dish in about 30 minutes. 10 minutes of prep time. 20 minutes of grilling time. If you feel like firing up your grill and having a little time to just enjoy your backyard while dinner cooks itself, try this.

Herb & Oil Chicken

  1. boneless skinless chicken breast (1 per person)
  2. 1/2 cup of olive oil (use whatever depth you like… extra virgin=lots of taste—-just olive oil or canola oil=no flavor)
  3. 3 cloves of freshly smashed and chopped garlic (thank you Giada;) )
  4. 1 tbsp of freshly chopped basil
  5. 2 tbsp of lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best but hey, use what you’ve got)
  6. salt, pepper

You can cheat and use a zesty italian salad dressing. The fresher the ingredients you use the better the taste will be though. It’s not a lot of work to wisk a few things together, but if you don’t have them grab the salad dressing. No Biggie.

I usually start with getting the chicken cleaned and in the marinade about a half hour before putting it on the grill. Salt and Pepper the chicken. Then mix all of the other ingredients in a bowl big enough to add the chicken to. Once incorporated well, add the chicken and set aside. Make sure to clean everything including your work surface, knives, hands, the ceiling and whatever else you got the chicken close to.

Ever notice how we treat raw chicken as if it were unspent plutonium and then a half hour later we devour it like it was the first meal we’ve had in weeks? Cracks me up.

TIP: To me, the meat is best if you let it come to room temperature before you put it on the hot grill.


TIP: Grill marks give the food some character and they’re super easy. Divide your cooking time for each side of the meat in two. Turn the meat (and anything else you want grill marks on) at a 45 degree angle for the 1st half of the cooking time on side one. When you reach the second half of the cooking time turn the meat 90 degrees and finish the cooking time on that side. The main thing is not to move the meat around a lot.

TIP: You need the right tools. Check this out
BBQ and Patio tools.


Grilled Vidalia Onions and Yellow Squash

The important thing here is to cut all of the vegetables the same thickness so they cook in the same amount of time. Begin with the Onion. I like to cut the veggies about a 1/2 an inch thick or about the width of your pinky finger. Brush the veggies with the olive oil or canola oil then sprinkle with your favorite seasoning. My favorite store-bought seasoning right now is Grille Mate seasoning. The seasoning draws out some of the moisture and in my opinion aids the grill in drawing out the sweetness of the vegetables. As you cook the onions, they soften, carmelize a little, and become very delicious to just chomp down on.

What are your favorite summer time recipes? Leave a comment and share your ideas.


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