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Sep 20

Accounts – Joint Checkbook App


Joint Checkbook Register Woes? Hate sharing your checkbook because your spouse never writes their transactions in your register? Or does your spouse hound you about writing things in and you just can’t seem to make it easy enough to remember? Amber hates

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Jul 12

Is My Old Apartment On My Credit?

Question: Lucy writes in: “I have questions about a credit check. I had to give my SSN for a credit check on an apartment. Will the person seeing the check be able to see old leases from 2007 from a different state? Answer: Lucy, if they were negative they will show up. Your addresses that …

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Jul 05

3 Reasons to Always Turn A Store Credit Card Down


3 Reasons to Always Turn A Store Credit Card Down You’ve heard it. “Would you like to save and additional 15% on your purchase today by applying for a store credit card?” Who wouldn’t want to get 15% off of their purchase with today’s rising prices? ME. That’s who. Many reasons exist to steer clear …

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Jul 01

Your Credit Score: How to Fix, Improve, and Protect the 3-Digit Number that Shapes Your Financial Future, 3rd Edition

How do I get something off of my credit history? When does something bad come off my credit history? Why did the apartment building I applied to turn me down? Can an employer turn me down because of credit? Why is the loan officer saying I need a co-signer? What does FICO Score mean? If …

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Jun 28

Will I Still Build Credit?

Will I Still Build Credit? Serena Asked: I plan on purchasing a used vehicle. I’m 19 so I have no prior credit history, so my father will be co-signing the loan. He wants to put the car in his name so that the insurance will be cheaper, however I will be making the car payments …

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Jun 21

What’s The Best Account to Open to Save Money for Traveling

What’s The Best Account to Open to Save Money for Traveling Cindy’s Question: I want to start saving money. But I don’t know what sort of account would be best. I want to start travelling when I’m 22. I currently have a full time job, so I’m earning a living Ryan’s Answer: You need to …

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Jun 14

How To Build Credit As A Recent Graduate

How To Build Credit As A Recent Graduate The following question was taken from Yahoo Answers and Answered by Ryan McKinney. So I’ve just recently graduated from university, have checking and savings accounts with a large national bank, and have a student loan which I’ve been on-time with all payments. Now as a means of …

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Jun 08

What Are Good Summer Jobs?


What Are Good Summer Jobs? Whether you’re a teenager needing to make some money fast for a concert or you’re helping your child learn the value of a buck, here are a few summer jobs that don’t require a start-up cost and teach kids how to provide for themselves. Think Services. What services can you …

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Jun 06

Can bank keep my funds if I have been rejected?


Can bank keep my funds if I have been rejected to open an account? This question was taken from Yahoo Answers by an anonymous person? QUESTION: I have a bad record in Chexsystems and I attempted to open account with a new bank (I submitted funds from my current bank to fund the “new”account)…They rejected …

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May 26

What Percentage of My Monthly Income Should I Spend On A Car Payment?

What Percentage of My Monthly Income Should I Spend On A Car Payment? The short answer is none. The best way to pay for a car is with cash. Now that we have that out of the way, the 2nd best way is to finance as little as possible. I get asked this question all …

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May 24

Hello Mr. Banker! | Gabby’s Class Goes To The Bank

Field Trips were an amazing time when I was a kid. I hope that didn’t change for Gabby’s Pre-K class last week. Her class, all 19 kids, came to visit my Bank last week. You can imagine the amount of pressure on a well-to-do dad like myself to impress my daughter in front of her …

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Jun 03

10 Tips to Get The Most From Your Banker

10 Tips to Get The Most From Your Banker Before you can use 10 tips to get the most from your Banker, you need to have a banker.  Most of you don’t have a Banker even though we all have a bank.  Whether you want a loan, to know what to do with your money, …

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May 31

What’s a PFS?

5 Reasons to have a PFS Personal Financial Statement Ready to go and How to Get One What Is A PFS? A PFS or Personal Financial Statement is a snapshot of your finances including your Debts, Liabilities, Assets, and Net-worth at any given moment in time. Think of it as a Balance Sheet for People. …

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Mar 05

What is a Credit Default Swap?

For over 2 years, the world (or at least the people in my world) have been asking for answers to why the economic system melted down. One of the best explanations of the systematic failure is in this radio story, “The Giant Pool of Money”, found on ThisAmericanLife.org. For those of you NOT in the …

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Feb 28

How Interest Rates Are Used to Control Inflation

Many of us know that inflation is bad, but most of us don’t realize how it works. Paddy Hirsch gives a simple, but brilliant explanation. Watch this video and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Interest rates from Marketplace on Vimeo.

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