Sep 16

The Man, The Myth…The Legend

What a great weekend. It was good to see my old friend Swee. It was also good to see his little boy. I mean, his “minnie Me”. Kelby and Gabby got along great. Kids adjust to situations better than we give ’em credit for. Gabby was very shy at first. We finally broke the ice between the two of them with a common thread amongst kids under age five…DVDs.

For some reason kids under five will stop dead in their tracks to watch Elmo or Happy Feet or whatever. They look like little zombies. Sometimes they’ll break their concentration for a snack, but it’s got to be a really good snack.

We caught up on old times and talked about some new ones to come. Grilling out and talking about Glory Days never gets old with good friends.

Thanks for the visit Swee… and tell Sandersville I said hello. Oh yea…congratulations…you sooooo deserve it!

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