Oct 11

Two Front Teeth

20111011-220110.jpgGabby lost her two front teeth last week. They were basically flapping in the wind they were so loose. She was just fine to wait patiently until they fell out… Yeah Right!

She asked everyday. Sometimes, twice a day. Finally I had enough. After we finished brushing our teeth, I decided to tie a little “tooth noose” with dental floss around her two front teeth. I left her a little slack and told her that all she needed to do was to ….

Just then, a hand comes out of no where and snatches the string, the slack, and the two front teeth right out! One tooth hit the sink and the other hit the floor. The funny thing is that second tooth on the floor was right next to mine and Gabby’s jaws!

Amber obviously had enough too.

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  1. Amber McKinney

    that was so funny you guys were so shocked that i did that….i was a little shocked at myself too, but i could not take it anymore :)!!!!

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