Apr 03

Viva Las Vegas

diceVegas is exciting to say the least. Our trip began rather rocky.

We left for ATL airport and the flight was full.  Amber fed Evan right before we boarded and he was fine.
There was a crying baby on the flight that cried the whole way to Las Vegas.  Too bad it was my baby!  Amber and I looked at each other after about an hour of non-stop Evan crying and we both mouthed, “I want to go home”.  I almost began to cry.

The flight attendant sold out of $2 headsets as soon as she walked down the aisle.  In fact, I think the price went up as she got low on supply.  Evan finally calmed down about 45 minutes before we landed and fell asleep.  The flight was full, bumpy, and miserable.  To add insult to injury, the air conditioner was broken.

When we landed it seriously felt like a rescue.  Kenn and April picked us up at the Las Vegas airport and it was a quiet, cold ride to the Red Rock Resort.
As we arrived at the Red Rock Resort, we were escorted into V.I.P. status lounge and treated to a speedy check-in.  Next my family of four was greeted with a king-sized bed.  I didn’t even care.  I was ready to pile up.  All four of us and go to sleep.  Amber called down to the front and quickly remedied the bed situation.  10 minutes later we were in our “2 double” room.

The hotel was beautiful and we were finally there.  Whew.
I didn’t play much in the Casino.  As a matter of fact, I came home only down $35 bucks.  That’s like winning for me.
We piddled around on Thursday and picked up our Tuxes.  On Thursday night, I was ready for some R&R.  Auntie Bea and Grandma were going to watch the kids while Amber, me, and 26 of our closest friends and family went to TAO at the Venetian.  I did bump into Kim Kardashian on the way out of TAO. She’s shorter than I expected. 4 Gin & Tonics and 2 Patron Shots later, we hopped back in the Disco Party bus that brought us to the Strip and headed back to the Red Rock.  Good thing the kids were already asleep. (thanks auntie Bea).

On Friday we played golf at La Arroya Country Club.  It was beautiful.  Not only that, but VERY interesting too.  Adam Horsely and Scott Benjamin are the REAL golfers in the group.  Then there’s Kenn, Bill, and myself.  Carlos was golfing for the first time and he was the life of the party.
It was a fantastic course and a gorgeous day. (Thanks Anna)

The rehearsal dinner was good.  Traditional Mexican food. Yummy.  I didn’t really get to visit as much from this point on, but Evan and I were able to bond a lot.
The wedding was beautiful.  The ceremony, the dinner, the reception.  Everything.  Here are some of April’s Wedding pics.

Thank you to Mikey and Vicki for returning the Tuxes.

Thank you to all Kenn and April for letting me be a part of your ceremony.  I am honored.

After that it was on to L.A.

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