Jun 08

What Are Good Summer Jobs?

What Are Good Summer Jobs?

Whether you’re a teenager needing to make some money fast for a concert or you’re helping your child learn the value of a buck, here are a few summer jobs that don’t require a start-up cost and teach kids how to provide for themselves.

Think Services. What services can you provide? Can you mow grass and borrow a lawn mower? Can you wait tables and collect tips? Can you help people organize their kitchens, bathrooms, offices? Can you assist elderly people with errands?

In any of these applications (and any not mentioned for that matter) think of ways that you and your personal abilities and experiences will add value to those you will serve.

Other ideas
1.) write resumes
2.) type term papers
3.) grocery shop for a busy family, elderly person, or shut-in
4.) personal shop for wealthy people
5.) baby sit

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