Sep 26

Yoga Balance

20110919-040656.jpgBalance, as you know, is very important to me. Kind of an obsession really. The balance between work and play, family time and me time, and salty and sweet. They are all important to me.

So what does yoga have to do with any of that? Those of you that are yoga veterans already know. Yoga IS balance and stretching and breathing and sweating. Yes sweating.

Let’s clear a few things up. Yoga the exercise is not Yoga the religion. There is a huge difference.

Wikipedia Says:
Wikipedia Yoga

That being said, I cannot kick myself enough for not doing yoga more often. I feel much better afterwards and the pain in my neck, shoulders, and lower back subsides for a while. The only Yoga Video I have is P90X YOGAX and it is longer and intended for use along with the P90X program.

Does anyone know of a 45 minute Yoga Exercise Video that is good or should I just mark 90 minutes off on my calendar and go with it? Tell me what you think?

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